Linekey Configuration with Auto Provision on T3X
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When configuring line keys through auto provisioning on T32 and T38, users should note that the syntax used on old provision template (before V70) is different from that of new provision template (V70). For example, if user wants to configure the line key 2 &3&4 on T3X to show the same line (line 1) to achieve result as below, he need to use different syntax on different templates. Here are the original words from customer:

“I have successfully got the number to appear on 2 lines. When I make the first call, the phone rings and can be answered. When I make the second call with the first call still up, it does not ring on the second line…Is there an easier way to have the same number appear across all lines and be able to ring on all the lines?”


Scenario 1: Syntax on new auto provision template:


linekey.1.line =  1      #Line 1 is the line that will be shown on line key2 & 3#

linekey.1.type = 15          #type=15, means the line key is used to show line info#

linekey.2.line =  1

linekey.2.type = 15

linekey.3.line =  1

linekey.3.type = 15

linekey.4.line =  1

linekey.4.type = 15


After configuration, line key1, 2, 3, 4 are showing line 1. If three calls incoming, users can find that the first call is directed to line 1, second call to line 2 and third call to line3. See below:

Link to download the new version of auto provision templates and user guide:

Yealink T3XG Auto Provisioning_70.0


Scenario 2: Syntax on old auto provision template:


[ cfg:/phone/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini ]

memory11.Line = 1                ##11 represents for line key 1##

memory11.DKtype = 15


memory12.Line = 1                  ##12 represents for line key 2##

memory12.DKtype = 15


memory13.Line = 1                ##13 represents for line key 3, and so on..##

memory13.DKtype = 15


After configuration, the phone will act in the same way as mentioned in Scenario 1.

Link to download the old version of auto provision templates and user guide:

Yealink T3XG Phone Auto Provisioning User Guide Rev_61

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