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Wallpaper is the image that fills the background of the phone idle screen. Some users choose one of the default backgrounds provided by the IP phone system. But some users prefer to make customized wallpaper from personal pictures. For using customized wallpaper, you need to upload the customized wallpaper in advanced.


The following table lists the wallpaper image format and resolution for each phone model:

Phone   Model Format Resolution Single File   Size Note
T54S/T52S/EXP50*.jpg/*.png/*.bmp/*.jpeg<=4.2   megapixels <=5MB2MB of   space should be
    reserved for the phone
VP59/T58A/T56A/T57W/T54W/T48U/T48S/T48G <=2.0   megapixels <=5MB 
T46U/T46S/T46G/T33P/T33G/T29G <=1.8   megapixels <=5MB

To upload custom wall paper via web user interface:

1. Click on Settings->Preference.

2. In the Upload Wallpaper field, click Browse to locate the wallpaper image from your local system.

3. Click Upload to upload the file


4. Click Confirm to accept the change. The custom wallpaper appears in the pull-down list of Wallpaper


To upload custom wall paper via Auto Provisioning:

Given below is the configuration parameter:

wallpaper_upload.url =
phone_setting.backgrounds =Config:dd.jpg   (Red font is the selected picture name)

More Information

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