RPS Can't Work
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The devices didn´t get the provisioning files from the provisioning server configured in the RPS server.


1. The Version is not RPS version

2. The MAC address of the phone hasn’t been added to the RPS server or configured with auto provisioning server

3. There is not related CFG file in the provisioning server

4.  The phone can’t connect to the public network

5.  The phone has done auto provisioning successfully once before.


1. What is the version the phone use? Only specific version can support RPS, so please make sure the phone is using the RPS version, if you don’t know ,you can send the version to ticket.yealink.com ,then we will check .(All the version from V73 are default RPS version , only V72 or lower version has RPS or none RPS version )

2. Make sure the Mac address of the phone have been preconfigured in the RPS server and assigned the provisioning server, make sure the URL is available.

3. Make sure you have added the related CFG files under your provisioning server

4. Make sure the phone can connect to the public network, the RPS server located in the US.

5. The phone will disable the RPS feature after the phone done provisioning successfully one time. You can reset the phone to factory to do test.

If you can’t get help from your vendor or distributor, then please send the problem description, test result of above steps, country to Suppot@yealink.com .


Only for distributor or professional engineer:

If after check above items, the phone still can’t work, would you please send Yealink below information that we can check what the reason is?

1) Config.bin file

2) Level 6 syslog

3) PCAP trace

More Information

1.RPS process

When you reset the phone , the phone will show “sending request …” which means the phone are trying connect to the RPS server to obtain the auto provisioning URL ,after obtain the URL the phone will go to the URL to download the related CFG files.

If the phone has connected to the RPS server successfully, you will find the record in the server like below,

In the Log page in the RPS server feature.


2. For how to catch Config.bin file, Level 6 syslog and PCAP trace, you can refer to below link,


3.All version can support RPS feature from V73, all DECT version support RPS.

4. RPS user guide, you can refer to below( Yealink website)

Yealink Redirection and Provisioning Service(RPS) VAR Manual-V1.0-ENG

Yealink Redirection and Provisioning Service(RPS) User Manual-V1.0-ENG

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