How to synchronize the features between BroadWorks and Yealink phones
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Many Service providers will need the feature synchronization between Broadworks and Yealink phones.


For Version V81 or lower , just use Broadsoft custom firmware which is x.x.193.x. download link : 

1. XSI:

The Xtended Services Interface (XSI) is an HTTP -based, REST -ful Application Programming Interface (API) available over BroadWorks, targeted to end-user functionalities such as call control, call log lists, directories, and end-user service configurations. IP phones interoperating with BroadWorks XSI support the following features:

Simultaneous Ring Personal

Line ID Blocking

Anonymous Call Rejection

BroadWorks Anywhere

Remote Office

BroadSoft Directory

BroadSoft Call Log

Call Park

Configurations on phone:


2. Feature Key Synchronization:

Feature key synchronization provides the capability to synchronize the status of the following features between the IP phone and the BroadWorks server:

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Call Forwarding Always (CFA)

Call Forwarding Busy (CFB)

Call Forwarding No Answer (CFNA)

ACD state

Configurations on Phone:


For Version V82 or higer , just use Broadsoft custom firmware which is x.x.0.x. download link : 

Please enabled the XSI and feature sync feature through below auto provision parameters :

bw.feature_key_sync =1
bw.enable =1

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