Number of Rings before Going to Voice Mail
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A is a PSTN or Mobile number, or SIP extension number, B is another SIP extension number

A call B, B doesn’t answer

Until some rings, A turn to the voice mail of B

Customers want to control the rings before turn to the voice mail of B


Please kindly note that the voice mail is a server side feature,  so the number of Rings can’t be set in phone side, it has to be configured in PBX server side. So if you want to change the number of rings please contact system administrator/service provider for help.

Product Type
CP860 , SIP VP-T49G , SIP-T48G , SIP-T46G , SIP-T42G , SIP-T41P , SIP-T40P , SIP-T29G , SIP-T27P , SIP-T23G , SIP-T23P , SIP-T21(P) E2 , SIP-T19(P) E2 , W52P , W56P , VP530 , SIP-T38G , SIP-T32G , SIP-T28P , SIP-T26P , SIP-T22P , SIP-T19P
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