SFB-How to Get Correct Syslog, config.bin and Pcap trace
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In order to help others to do more troubleshooting, Yealink R&D need Syslog level 6, config.bin and Pcap trace.


Situation 1: issue is easy to repeat.

Please see the picture below and follow the steps:

(Firmware: desktop phone x.8.1.x, x.8.0.x)

1.Login to the web interface of the device.
2.Go to Settings -> Configuration -> change the syslog log level to 6 -> Press Confirm.
3.Press Start button in Pcap Feature, repeat the issue step by step.
4.Press Stop -> Export marked in red. Export the Pcap file, config.bin and System log to Yealink FAE.


(Firmware: desktop phone 66.9.0.x or CP960)
1.Login to the web interface of the device.
2.Go to Settings -> Configuration -> press Start button in Export All Diagnostic Files, repeat the issue step by step.
3.Press Stop -> Export.

In most situations, we will also require syslog on Lync client, please refer to the article below written by Microsoft:





Situation 2:

If you are suffering a randomly happened issue or need to do a long time test, phone memory will not enough to record the useful information. Please use the method below:

Capture pcap with Wireshark:

1.On Yealink IP phone, we have a feature named Span to PC. Please login to the web interface of Yealink Phone and go to Network -> Advance page to enable Span to PC, than hit Confirm.


2.Connect PC port of Yealink phone to your PC and Internet port to network.

3.On Wireshark, press Start, repeat the steps on phone to reproduce the issue. All the pcap will be recorded. Then hit Stop to stop trace.


4.Save the file and send to Yealink support.



Capture syslog using syslog server (please do it at the same time with pcap):

1.On Yealink IP phone, please visit web below to change the configuration and click Confirm:

(Firmware: x.8.1.x, x.8.0.x)


(Firmware: 66.9.0.x)f64c7c042d764b9baa524785d2a1c138.png

2.On syslog server (take 3CDaemon as an example): configure the syslog server and set up a directory to store the syslog file.


3.Repeat the operation on Yealink phone to reproduce the probem. All the messages will be recorded to syslog server.

More Information

NOTICE: The exported trace files will contain local contacts and call records, mainly configuration files.
Yealink will ensure that the information provided by users is used internally for problem diagnosis and will not be leaked.

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