Can't Send Content Stream 1
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  • Press the content stream button during the meeting; nothing happen just shows "There is no connection with PC".

  • Connect with the third party of VCS equipment, share the content stream, you can see the content stream in local screen ,but the remote third party can’t see the content stream, only black screen.

  • Local side can’t receive content stream, or just received a black screen.


  • Cable is faulty or the configuration issue of PC screen’s sharing.

  • There is no port mapping for the remote third party VCS equipment.


1.       If the screen showing "PC Disconnected", that means the VCS Codec doesn't receive the signal from PC, please check whether the connection of the VGA cable is correct or the VGA cable is connected to the correct VGA connection interface of the VCS Codec.

2.       Check whether the configuration of the PC screen sharing is correct, you can connect the PC to a projector to do cross test.

3.       If the PC connect to the projector and show content stream successful. But still can’t work when connected to the VCS, then the VGA cable may be faulty. Yealink VCS use the standard VGA cable, you can use another VGA cable to do cross test.

4.       If the local content stream can work properly, but show black screen on the remote side VCS equipment. Please check whether the remote site has finished the port mapping, if no, please contact the system manager to finish it.

5.       If the local side does not do the port mapping then it will not receive the content stream or just receive a black screen, please finish the port mapping first. If the issue still exists after the port mapping is done. Please send the detailed issue description, the above test results, the PCAP Trace, the level 9 syslog, config.bin file and the SN number of the VCS equipment to the corresponding Yealink FAE for help.

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VC400 , VC120 , VC110
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