How to send content sharing and video separately
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  • Send content stream from local side, but the other side receives the whole screen of local side, not only the content sharing.

  • Send content stream from the remote side, but the local side receives the dual-stream (both content sharing and video) of the remote side, not only the content sharing.

  • Check the call statistics, no content sharing information.


Content stream protocol is not opened


1.       Login the website of VCS system.

2.       Go Setting →Video & Audio → Presentation

3.       Confirm whether the “H.239” , “BFCP” are both enable,if no, please enable both of them and then save and quit. If the issue still exists, please send the detailed issue description, the above test results, the PCAP Trace, the level 9 syslog, config.bin file and the SN number of the VCS equipment to the corresponding Yealink FAE for help. 


Product Type
VC400 , VC120 , VC110
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