Camera Failure
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  • System menu shows in the screen but no video just black screen after VCS boots up.

  • After the VCS boots up, there is video from the camera shows on the screen. But the remote control can’t control camera to swing around.

  • It gets stuck or produces some noise when swing.

  • Camera can’t set focus.

  • Camera can’t zoom in or out.


  • Camera is faulty.

  • DVI cable is faulty.


1.       Please try to reconnect the DVI cable first, if the issue still exists, please try to reboot VCS, if the problem still exists, it means that the camera is faulty or DVI cable is faulty. Please send the detailed issue description, the above test results, and the SN number of the VCS equipment to the corresponding Yealink FAE for help.

Product Type
VC400 , VC120 , VC110
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