How Can I Configure Search Source list in Dialing
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Search source list in dialing allows the IP phone to search for entries from the desired lists when the phone is in the dialing screen, and then the user can select the desired entry to dial out quickly. The lists may contain Local Directory, History, Remote Phone Book and LDAP. Here is the original request from customer:

“How would I set the settings as show in the snapshot below using xml code?  “


There are two methods to reach this. One is via WEB GUI and the other one is via auto provision. Please see details below:

Via WEB:

1.Login to the management page of IP phone.

2.Go to page below and select the desired source and press ->to add it to the list.


Via auto provision:

1.To configure the search source list in dialing, supplied super search template --Super_search.xml will be required. Please visit our website and download auto provision template which includes super_search.xml. Here take T46 as an example:


Yealink T4X AutoProvisioning Template


2.Unzip the file, you can find the xml file like below.

## Enable=1 means you want to add the item to the source list. You can also rank the desired sources by configure the priority. In the sample below, local directory and call history is selected as source list, and local contact ranks first followed by call history.


3.Then upload the super_search.xml file to your configuration server (say,hfs32) and record the URL.


4.Add the URL to the configuration file:

super_search.url =


5.After provisioning, you can see the result as below. In this case, when you are dialing and pressing, say 12, phone will search local directory and call history and list all the records that contains 12. You can easily select from the searching result and dial out.


When editing a super search template, please note:

--Do not rename the super search template.
--<root_super_search> indicates the start of a template and </root_super_search> indicates the end of a template.
--The default display names of directory lists are Local Directory, History, Remote

--Phone Book and LDAP.

--When specifying the priority of search results, the valid values are 1, 2, 3 and 4. 1 for highest priority, 4 is the lowest.

--When enabling or disabling the desired directory list, the valid values are 0 and 1. 0 stands for Disabled, 1 stands for Enabled.

More Information

To know more about search source list in dialing, please refer to Guides below:




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