How can I get the license of Skype for business(LYNC/SFB/UC Edition)
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I bought a Yealink SFB phone. It require license to work. 


1. Yealink provide self-service for SFB license. Please go to Yealink SFB license website.
   You can use Yealink support account to apply for SFB license.
2. Please click Instruction for applying for SFB phone license by website.pdf to download instructions for how to use self-service.
3. Normally, if you submit your application within our work time 8:30-18:00 (Beijing time), we'll approve it within the day. Due to jet lag, if you submit the application after our work time, we'll approve it next day morning. Thanks for your understanding.


4. If you don't have Yealink support account, please refer to another FAQ “How to apply for Yealink Support Account

More Information

For product information, including latest firmware, guides, FAQs, product docs, please visit Yealink WIKI:

For better service, we sincerely recommend you to use Yealink Ticketing system ( to submit all your technical issues.

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T48G Skype for Business , T46G Skype for Business , T42G Skype for Business , T41P Skype for Business , T40P Skype for Business
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