Can We Use EXP38/EXP39 on T27/T29
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Yealink has three different expansion modules to fit with T2 series (old and new). Can we use the EXP38 Panel with a Yealink T29G or we need to use the EXP39 Panel?


The suggested module for T27P/T29G is EXP 20. EXP 20 is design to fit these two phones from appearance aspect as well as software.

You can use EXP 38 and EXP39 also, but these two modules are a bit higher than phones. As a result, we cannot fit them together. Also, Exp 38 and 39 has end of life.

More Information

To know more about EXP20, please refer to:


For more information, please contact Yealink technical support team with

Product Type
SIP-T29G , SIP-T27P , IP Phone Expansion Module EXP38 , LCD Expansion Module EXP39
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