LDAP Search for Incoming Call Is Not Working
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LDAP phonebook is successfully configured and searching from the phone in LDAP works fine. But on incoming call the contact from LDAP is not shown in the display.


Firstly, please make sure that LDAP lookup for incoming call is enabled

 Method A: please login to the web interface of your device. Go to DirectoryàLDAPàenable LDAP Lookup for Incoming Call option.

Method B: auto provision with parameter below:


Secondly, if “+”sign was involved in your contacts, please add following syntax to your configuration file:

ldap.name_filter = (|(cn=%)(sn=%)(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))
ldap.number_filter = (|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))

More Information

T19P/T19PE2 does not support LDAP

Product Type
SIP VP-T49G , SIP-T48G , SIP-T46G , SIP-T42G , SIP-T41P , SIP-T40P , SIP-T29G , SIP-T27P , SIP-T23G , SIP-T23P , SIP-T21(P) E2 , SIP-T19(P) E2
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