Maximum cable length for Yealink VCS
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Customer want to know the maximum cable length for every component of Yealink VCS, especially for some specific deployment.


DVI cable for connecting camera: 3 meter as default. Customer can also require 10 meter cable from Yealink reseller/distributor.

Also, if customer require more than 10 meter cable Yealink provide a VCA70 adapter which can extend the connection to 70 meters.

HDMI cable for connecting display: 3 meter as default. But It uses a standard HDMI and customer can connect a longer one.

VGA cable for connecting PC: 3 meters as default. But it uses a standard VGA and customer can connect a longer one.

Ethernet cable for connecting Internet: 10 meters as default.

Ethernet cable for connecting VCP40/VCP41: 3 meters as default. It support maximum 70 meters with AMP cat5e network cable.

Expansion micpod cable: 1.8 meter as default. Since the expansion micpod should be placed in the 1.5 radius of VCP40/VCP41. 1.8 meter length is enough for deployment.

Product Type
VC400 , VC120
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