Key Event Displaying on Phone UI
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Some customers are curious about the Key Event option when they trying to configure Dsskey on phone UI. Here is the original question from customer:

I've seen several documents that mention a key type of "Key Event". However, when using the web interface I can't find Key Event under DSSKey Yealink phone (all with most current FW). Has Key Event been removed or replaced?



"Key Event" only display in the LCD of phone when you long hold line button. You can check about this.


As you know, we can set a lot of DSSkey on the web interface. But the screen on the phone is too small. So we have to take much time to find, then set the DSSkey on the phone side. It is inconvenience.

So we add key some key feature on the ‘key event’, such as Private hold/Recal/DND/LDAP/…. If we want to set DSSkey as LDAP, we just need to find go to key event->LDAP, we don’t have to press right navigation key until we find the LDAP.


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Suggest to use latest V81
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