How to Set Number Keys as Speed Dial Keys
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Some Customers want to configure the number keys as the speed dail key because the phone don’t have so many DSS Keys or other reasons.


We can take advantage of dial plan and set “number key+ send key” to make number keys to work as speed dial keys. Configuration steps showing as below:

1.     Configure via Web side:

Go to Settings->Dial Plan->Replace Rule, like below:


Prefix: the digit that you want to dial for the certain phone number, for example,1;

Replace: phone number that you want to dial out when press Prefix digit, say 118;

Account: The desired line to apply the replace rule;

In this case, when you press digit 1 and send key, phone will dial out 118.


2.     Configure via AutoP:

Please use the three parameters to do auto provision below.


Ø  dialplan.replace.prefix.X=  

#Configures the entered number to be replaced. (X ranges from 1 to 100), example: dialplan.replace.prefix.1 = 1#

Ø  dialplan.replace.replace.X=

#Configures the alternate number to replace the entered number. (X ranges from 1 to 100). example

dialplan.replace.prefix.1 =1 and dialplan.replace.replace.1 =118#

Ø  dialplan.replace.line_id.X=

#Configures the desired line to apply the replace rule. The digit 0 stands for all lines. If it is left blank, the replace rule will apply to all lines on the IP phone. (X ranges from 1 to 100). Example: dialplan.replace.line_id.1 = 1,2#


Please note: The three parameters work only if the values of the parameters dialplan.digitmap.enable=0

account.X.dialplan.digitmap.enable= 0

More Information

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