Door Camera Display on Yealink Phones
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Here is the original question from customer:

How can I Display the jpg or mpg Image of a door camera when someone rings the doorbell?

Or how can I at least create a button to Show the camera


Yealink phones don't support door phone feature.

But there is a feature which can help you to display the “jpg”, “bmp” or “png” image in phone interface.



You just need to configure a DSS key as XML browser, and upload the Imagescreen.xml file to server.

Then put the URL of the image in xml file.

During the call, you just need to press the xml key.The phone will send request to server then download and show image.

Imagescreen XML files:

For more information about XML, you can refer to the XML Browser guide:



SIP-T42G/S, SIP-T41P/S, SIP-T40P, SIP-T27P/G, SIP-T23P/G, SIP-T21(P) E2, SIP-T19(P) E2 and CP860 IP phones:

The image is a “dob” file, which is specified as a series of hexadecimal characters.


For Color Screen IP phones, the image is a “jpg”, “bmp” or “png” file located on a server, which can be downloaded by the phone.

More Information

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Suggest to use V81 or higher
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