Firmware not change after upgrade
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Customer upgrade manually or through auto provision, after phone boot up again then double check but find the firmware not changed, still the old one.


1.      Check if it is a customized firmware , some customized firmware has limitation on upgrade , so please kindly check first , the rule of firmware definition is below : 

First number: phone model, for example, T46G is 28

Second number: big version, for example, V80, V81

Third number: custom mark,

if it is 0 or 1, then it means it is Yealink official firmware , all customer can use this firmware

if it is not 0 , then it means it is a customized firmware , only specific customer can use it

Forth number: support version 

For example, is a T46 official firmware and is for Broadsoft customers.


So if the firmware you are using is a customized firmware, please connect your phone provider for help to complete upgrade


2.      If firmware is confirmed to be OK , then please check if the phone is provided by the phone manager or service provide , you can log into phone website page  path :

Settings -> Auto provision -> Server URL 

Then check if there is someone provisioned your phone.

If yes , please check is there any firmware upgrade related parameter configured and then delete , you can also delete the whole URL if needed ,but note that delete the whole URL will affect the provision of other settings like account or directory setting. 


3.  Please check if the firmware is downloaded completed, normally it should be larger than 7M.

4. Please don't close or refresh the website when phone is upgrading  

More Information

If all confirmed to be OK , but still have problem , please send an email to for help .

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