Play Hold Tone and Play Hold Tone Delay
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When putting someone on hold, sometimes users may forget they are still on a call and keep the other site waiting if there is no voice notification to remind them.

Scenario: I am trying to get my T46G phones to play a short beep every 60 seconds when a call is on hold to remind the person that they have placed someone on hold.



Yealink phones support to configure a hold tone and hold tone delay so that customers can hear they are holding somebody. Please refer to following methods to configure it:



1.      Configuration via web interface:

Please login to web interface of your phone and going to FeaturesàGeneral Information. Enable the feature and configure the delay duration you want. Default value is 30 seconds.



2.      Configuration via auto provision. Auto provision parameters are:


·         features.play_hold_tone.enable   ##it enables or disables the phone to play a warning tone when you are holding someone. Default value is 1##

·         features.play_hold_tone.delay    ## It configures the interval (in seconds) at which the IP phone play a warning tone when there is a call on hold. Default value is 30s, value ranges from 3-3600 seconds##

More Information

For more information, please refer to guide below:


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W52P , W56P
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