How to dial or place a call using remote control?
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Sometime customer want to make a call using computer remotely, like Skype.


Yealink IP phones can interact with web server application by receiving and handling an HTTP or HTTPS GET request. When receiving a GET request, IP phone will perform the specified action and respond with a 200OK message.


First please make sure the server or computer’s IP address is in the list. Or you can fill in any in “Action URI allow IP List”, which means you’ll allow any devices to control the phone.



To dial a number, the valid URL format is http(s)://<phoneIPAddress>/servlet?key=number=xxx&outgoing_uri=y. XXX is the number you want to dial and y is the SIP URL you dial from.

For example, It refers to account 1006 from dial 1234 out.

More Information

1. More information about Action URI, please see Administrator Guide(


2. http(s)://<phoneIPAddress>/servlet?key=number=xxx&outgoing_uri=y is for New T2X (T49G, T48G, T46G, T42G, T41P, T40P, T29G, T27P, T23G(P), T21P E2 and T19P E2) and Old T2X(T28P, T26P, T22P, T21P, T20P and T19P)which version is above V71.


http://phoneIP/cgi-bin/ is for Old T2X(T28P, T26P, T22P, T21P, T20P and T19P)which version is V70.


http://phoneIP/cgi-bin/cgiServer.exx?number=xxx&outgoing_uri=xxx is for T38G and T32G(all version).


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T48G Skype for Business , T46G Skype for Business , T42G Skype for Business , T41P Skype for Business , T40P Skype for Business , VP530 , SIP-T38G , SIP-T32G , SIP-T28P , SIP-T26P , SIP-T22P , SIP-T21P , SIP-T20P , SIP-T19P , IP Phone Expansion Module EXP38 , LCD Expansion Module EXP39
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