How to Disable Dialing When Hotline Number is Set
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Users have enabled hotline feature and configured a hotline number but phone can still dial out other numbers.


Yealink hotline feature won’t limit dialing capability


Configure a dial plan to convert all numbers to a specific one. So whatever is dialed out phone will actually use a configured number.

Take a hotline number 888 as example, create a dial plan rule this:

Then phone can only dial out 888.

The dot “.” can be used as a placeholder or multiple placeholders for any string. Example: “12.” would match “123”, “1234”, “12345”, “12abc”, etc.

The parenthesis "( )" can be used to group together patterns, for instance, to logically combine two or more patterns. Example: "([1-9])([2-7])3" would match “923”, “153”, “673”, etc.

For more information about dial plan please refer to administrator guide

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