Fail to Generate the Phonebook
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When customers use Yealink Phonebook Generation Tool to generate phonebook, they may sometimes get some problems.

Situation 1: Error like below:


Situation 2: Error like below:



1.     The macro not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

2.     The default save path of the phonebook is disk C, you may don’t have the right to create a file at “disk C”


1. Macro settings

When open the template Excel, you will see a warning that: “Macro is blocked”. Please enable it and press Create button to generate an XML file.

2. Configuration path error

The default directory of the XML files is c:localphonebook.xml  and c:remotephonebook.xml.

You can configure the path by using the Config.cfg in the Yealink Phonebook Generation .


Then it will save the xml files in F:\\remotephonebook.xml or F:\\localphonebook.xml.

For Example

More Information

More question about this, please create a ticket in Yealink Ticket System:

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