How to Remove the Blacklist from Directory on T20
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Customer does not want to see the blacklist in the directory on T20.


Yealink phone support User Level Access feature, you can hide Blacklist directory through this feature.

Configure two parameters via auto provision. The auto provision syntaxes are as follow:


#Enable or disable the 3-level permissions (open var); 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled;

#Require reboot;

security.var_enable = 1

#Require reboot

web_item_level.url = https://xxx/WebItemsLevel.cfg


WebItemsLevel.cfg should include blacklist parameter, please refer to below:

blacklist_list = 3


Value instruction:

0:  User level display

1:  Var level display but user level will hide

2:  Admin level display but user and var level will hide

3:  Do not display on any level and hide absolutely

Product Type
V73 or higher
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