The Following Yealink Products Specially for Chile
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    The Following Yealink Products Specially for Chile


  • Yealink 5X Optical Camera I: VCCL500-PRO

  • Yealink 5X Optical Camera II: VCCL500-Standard

  • Yealink WI-FI USB Dongle: WFCL50

  • Yealink Wired Expansion Mic Kit: CPECL90

  • Yealink Wireless Presentation Pod: WPPCL20

  • Yealink 4X Digital Camera II: VCCL200

  • 4X Digital Camera:VCCCL10

  • 12X Optical Camera II: VCCCL20 II

  • Cable Hub I: VCHCL40

  • Cable Hub II: VCHCL50

  • Controller for 18X & 12X Camera: VCCRCL80

  • 12X Camera I: VCCCL20

  • 18X Camera: VCCCL18

  • VCS Phone I: VCPCL41

  • VCS Phone II: VCPCL40

  • VCS Phone III: CPCL960

  • Video Conferencing Wireless Microphone: VCMCL60

  • Wireless Micpod II: CPWCL90

For more information, please kindly link to Yealink official Chile website.

Product Type
VC800 , Video Conferencing Endpoint VC500 , VC400 , VC120 , VC110 , Yealink Wi-Fi USB Dongle , Wireless Expansion Microphone CPW90
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