SFB-Online account how to change the Date&Time Format
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The default Date&Time Format of the Phone is “24 hours”, but I don’t like this. So I set it as “12 hours”. But when I come back to work next day, the Date&Time Format turns back to “24 hours” again. 


This is because that the default Date&Time Format in the Lync/SfB (Skype for Business) Server is 24 hours. After logged into the Lync/SfB account or arrival synchronization time, the phone will sync the server settings to 24 hours. 


You could ask your Lync/SfBS Server administrator to set the Date&Time Format as 12 hours. Then the Date&Time Format won’t auto turn back to 24 hours again.

After the administrator logs into the Lync/SfB Server via the Windows PowerShell, he could follow the below steps to review and change the Date&Time Format status,

1. Use the cmdlets “Get-CsIPPhonePolicy” to review the status of the Date Time Format features.


2. If the value of the “DateTimeFormat” is 24, use the cmdlets “Set-CsIPPhonePolicy -DateTimeFormat 24” turn it to 12. Then the Date&Time Format feature will always in 12 hours.


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