How to Register No.6-No.8 Handset to W60B
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Customers can reigster up to 8 handsets to one W60B base station. Each handset can be registered to 4 different base stations. But when registering more than 5 handsets to base station, some customer found it unable to register. 


The W60B must work with handset running firmware version with or later. Because different technologies are used on V81 and V80 handset firmware when registering more than 5 handsets to W60B. 


If you have more than 5 handsets that is running firmware version older than, please follow steps below to register all handsets to base station

1. Register number 1-5 handset to base, upgrade to

2. Deregister number 3-5 handset from base.

3. Register number 6-8 handset to base, upgrade handsets to

4. Register number 3-5 handset back to base. 

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