How to Register 8 Handsets to The W60 Base
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Yealink W60P supports up to 8 handsets with 8 different accounts.

Customers can change the max number of registered handset to restrict both the number of registered handsets and the number of accounts.

The number of registered handsets will affect the number of simultaneous calls on the base station.


The allowed handsets number is set to 5 by default, users may encounter difficulties when they try to register more than 5 handsets/accounts.


Set the max handset number to 8 on the web UI or auto provision.

1. Web GUI

Navigate to Features>General Information, change the number from 5 to 8 as it shows below.


2. Auto Provision parameter,

phone_setting.max_number_of_handset = 

Permitted value: 5 or 8

Once you apply the change, the phone will restart to take effect.

To support 8 handsets and 8 simultaneous voice calls, W60P will adopt the narrow band codec for voice communication instead of wide band codec when the number is set to 5.

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