How to Upgrade W5X Handset Firmware
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The FAQ describes the how to upgrade the W5X handset firmware via OTA and what the prerequisites are required.





During the upgrade process, it is advisable to place the handset in the charger cradle and closer (within 10 meters) to the base station.

When there is a handset performing OTA upgrade, you cannot make any operations (e.g., placing a call) except manually trigger OTA upgrade on other subscribed handsets.

OTA upgrade may take about 25 minutes. Do not cancel the upgrade during the upgrade process.

The handset can perform registration to the base station automatically after completing OTA upgrade and a reboot. If auto registration doesn’t work for any reason, you need to re-register the handset to the base station manually.



Before upgrading W52H/W56H/W53H handset firmware via OTA, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

l The handset must be subscribed and within the radio coverage of the base station.

l There is no external call in progress on the base station, which means all subscribed

handsets are not in external call state.

l The handset battery is enough (at least 50% charged) to finish the firmware upgrade.

l Latest handset firmware file is available.


Handset Firmware Upgrade:

1.       Manual Upgrade,

1. Go to the web GUI of the base, click on Settings->Upgrade.

2. In the Select and Upgrade Handset Firmware block, click Browse to locate the handset firmware file from local system.

3. Click Upgrade to trigger the OTA update. A dialog box pops up to prompt “Handset Firmware of the SIP Phone will be updated. It will take 10 minutes to complete. Please don’t power off!”.

4. Click OK to confirm the OTA upgrade.

The web user interface prompts “Handset Firmware updating. Please wait and do not
power off. And the browser must not be closed or refreshed!”.
All subscribed handsets will perform OTA upgrade if fulfilling prerequisites, and display a progress bar with the status of upgrade on the LCD screen. The handset will reboot, and the message key LED flashes red after completing OTA upgrade.

During the upgrade process, other handsets fulfilling prerequisites will automatically perform OTA upgrade when they reboot or re-subscribe to the base station.

If the handset fails to perform an OTA upgrade, and the LCD screen prompts “Upgrade fails,
please upgrade again”. After a short while, the handset automatically attempts to perform an OTA upgrade again


2.       By Auto Provisioning,




Valid Value


Enables or disables base
  trigger feature.

  1-Enabled (default)


Enables or disables handset handset feature.

  1-Enabled (default)


Enables or disables new
  version tip feature.

  1-Enabled (default)

The following is an example of configurations for reference:
over_the_air.base_trigger = 1
over_the_air.handset_trigger = 1
over_the_air.handset_tip = 1


l  Configuring the Access URL of the Handset Firmware File
Before OTA upgrade, you need to prepare a provisioning server, obtain the latest handset firmware file and upload it to the root directory of the provisioning server. For more information on how to configure a provisioning server, refer to




Permitted Values



URL within 511 characters


  Configures the access URL of the handset (W52H or W56H or W53H) firmware file.
  over_the_air.url =

The following is an example of configuration for reference:
over_the_air.url = http://


l  Complete Manual for Handset Firmware Upgrade

If you are interested in the complete document regarding the handset firmware upgrade, please refer to this link, and in this document you will get more details about upgrading via USB, triggering an automatic firmware upgrade, etc.

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