Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) FAQ
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There are many customers are doubting about some features in detail.


FAQ1: Does YMS support one interface to manager all the modules including MCU, Gatekepper, traversal server and so on through one web interface when operating in clustering mode?
Answer: Yes, in YMS version 2.0 which can support clustering mode and can manager all modules through one web interface.

FAQ2: Does YMS support standard (4: 3) and widescreen (16: 9) video, with automatic  turning between these formats for all connections?
Answer: Yes, it does support.

FAQ3: Does YMS allow the identification of the terminals, in the screens where the rooms are being visualized?
Answer: Yes, it does support to show in the left and top corner.

FAQ4: Does YMS gatekeeper support routed mode and direct mode?
Answer: Yes, it does support.

FAQ5: Is YMS compatible with the standard E.164 dial plan?
Answer: Yes, it is compatible with E.164.

FAQ6: Does YMS support that users implement video and process the DTMF digits incoming calls to route the call to the correct conference room through the conference ID?
Answer: Yes, it is basic function and YMS does support that.

-  If you register a YMS account, dial the conference ID(DTMF) and password(DTMF) to join the conference.

Obtain the conference information from Yealink VC device, your email or the other

conference participants.

-  If you do not register a YMS account, dial the IP address of YMS server then dial the conference ID(DTMF) and password(DTMF) to join the conference.

Obtain the conference information from the email invitation and the other conference participants.

FAQ7: Does YMS support IPv6 yet?
Answer: NO, current YMS version doesn't support IPv6 yet. But this function already in YMS roadmap.
It will be official supported before the end of 2020.

FAQ8: What kind of operating systems does YMS and YDMP support?
Answer: YMS and YDMP are compatible with the following operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10 and above) and Linux (OpenSuse 11.1, centOS7.0 and higher). Users can access the graphical interface through the web browsers.

FAQ9: How many maximum bandwidth supported for each participant connection?
Answer: Support video and  H.239 or BFCP content sharing protocols for all required ports and all suports transmission rates by including MCU totally in 6Mbps.

FAQ10: When will YMS support 60fps?
Answer: It is in the roadmap, will be supported before at the end of Q3, 2019.

FAQ11: Are Yealink VC desktop and VC mobile free to download and use?
Answer: VCM is free to download from Apple store and Google play, free to use. 
VCD is free to download from Yealink website and it is free to use if pair to Yealink meeting server or Yealink cloud solution.

More Information

If any doubt, please contact with Yealink VCS team. Thanks

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