Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) FAQ
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There are many customers are doubting about some features in detail.


FAQ1: Does YMS support one interface to manager all the modules including MCU, Gatekepper, traversal server and so on through one web interface when operating in clustering mode?
Answer: Yes, in YMS version 2.0 which can support clustering mode and can manager all modules through one web interface.

FAQ2: What call bandwidth does YMS support?
Answer: 128Kbps-4Mbps per participant for video, if add content sharing, will be max 6Mbps.

FAQ3: Does YMS support standard (4: 3) and widescreen (16: 9) video, with automatic  turning between these formats for all connections?
Answer: Yes, it does support.

FAQ4: Does YMS allow the identification of the terminals, in the screens where the rooms are being visualized?
Answer: Yes, it does support to show in the left and top corner.

FAQ5: Does YMS gatekeeper support routed mode and direct mode?
Answer: Yes, it does support.

FAQ6: Is YMS compatible with the standard E.164 dial plan?
Answer: Yes, it is compatible with E.164.

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If any doubt, please contact with Yealink VCS team. Thanks

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