How to add LDAP function in YMS
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Here will show one Example introduce how to config LDAP function in YMS. After you config the LDAP function, your YMS can get the contact from your AD server.


1.  How to config LDAP ?

1.1 In YMS Account---LDAP fill the basic info and enable LDAP function.


1 server address is your AD server IP address.

2 Port usually is 389. You can confirm this port with your IT.

3 Base DN is the root path of the LDAP search base. Example in our AD server have SE this group. so our Base DN is OU=SE,DC=ldap,DC=yealink,DC=cn(check the picture)


4 the username is the AD account name. you can use any AD account fill in this.

5 the password is the AD account password.

6 Name attribute , you can use name.

7 Number attribute, you can use the telephoneNumber. Then in AD server in telephoneNumber you need fill the 4 digit YMS account.

8 AD account attribute you can use the sAMAccountName


1.2How to config the AD server?


When you in YMS LDAP config the Number attribute is telephoneNumber, then in AD server account in telephone number you need fill the 4 digit number be use for YMS account.

Such as the picture fill the 4103 be use for YMS account.



2 How to use the LDAP create account?

2.1 through AD server add YMS account one by one

In account---Add account---obtain from AD server---fill in the AD account name----Obtain ---OK then you finish create the account.


2.2 use Sync contacts to create YMS account.

 open the Sync contacts button(now you can ask our engineer for support)


Then you just click this Button the AD server contact will all in YMS.


 If you want to add other AD Group contact in YMS. You just change the Base DN then click the Sync contacts Button.



3 How to use the LDAP account in YMS?

3.1 use the AD account log in YMS interface to schedule meeting and do the meeting control.

After your YMS already config the LDAP function ,in YMS Login interface you will see the AD login. You can use your AD account login YMS schedule meeting web interface.




3.2 in the Q2 2019 . we will support VCD use the AD account register.





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