YMS integrate with SFB
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Example: YMS integrate with O365 account (SFB online account).


As we know SFB have two types account. first type is O365 sfb online account. second type is local SFB account. if you company already deployment local sfb , your sfb account is local sfb account. follow  step will help you config your YMS intergrate with O365 online sfb account. if you want to intergarade with local sfb account you can download our SFB guide from follow link.

1.  Config SFB

1.1  Check your SFB account is O365 account (online account ) or on-premise account. ?? On-promise account mean your company have local SFB server. If you just buy account from Microsoft, it means your SFB account is O365 account.

1.2  If you SFB account is O365 account , Make sure that the federation is enabled on Office 365 .

2.  Config DNS

example: now my YMS domain name is yms.yealink.com. you need basic yourself domain to add the SRV record and A record. this step you can ask your IT for help.

2.1  the SRV record and the A record of both YMS and SfB need configured on the public DNS server.


_sipfederationtls._tcp.yms  0 100 5061 yms.yealinkdemo.com

Add O365 SRV:

_sipfederationtls._tcp 0 100 5061 sipfed.online.lync.com

2.2  And add the A record. Ask your IT for help.

3.  Config YMS

3.1  If YMS want integrate with O365, YMS need have one public domain name (domain name resolution) and Public IP.

3.2  You need purchase one certificate for your YMS domain name. the certificate should be Public CA issue.

3.3  Log in YMS web interface to config five place.

1)Sysem Setting---Certificate---TLS certificate upload the certificate. The certificate format should be .pem. It means the certificate should contain the public key and the Private key.


2)Service ---MCU service---SFB Gateway Media Service


3)Service---SIP service---Registration Service

The default register is 5061, you need change to 5068 this port. Because SFB gateway will take up the 5061 port. After you change the register port to 5068, then your VCD should use the 5068 to register YMS account. When you fill the YMS domain name should like this yms.yealinkdemo.com:5068.


4)Service---SIP service---Skype for Business

Note: The this two port should be 5061, and turn on the federation.




5) Call Configuration---Call Routing

Add the call routing to SFB. @yealink5.onmicrosoft.com

Example: if I have O365 account iswangsc01@yealink5.onmicrosoft.com

In terminal VCD I need dial wangsc01@yealink5.onmicrosoft.com call to this O365 account.


4.  How to call to each other

4.1  from SFB account call to YMS account

example: YMS account is 4001 , YMS domain name is yms.yealinkdemo.com

in SFB client dial



4.2  from YMS call to SFB client

example: O365 account is wangsc01@yealink5.onmicrosoft.com

if I config the call routing is@yealink5.onmicrosoft.com, then in terminal such VCD dial




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