How to Play Music on Conference Phone
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I connect my mobile with CP via Bluetooth, but I cannot find a way to play the music on mobile through CP.


You need to enable the Media audio feature manually after the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone is paired and connected. Enable the Media audio feature via phone user interface at the path:

For CP920 and CP930W:

Menu->Settings->Basic Settings->Bluetooth->Paired Bluetooth Device->Option->Detail-> Channel Control->Media Audio.

For CP960:

Bluetooth->Bluetooth (On) ->icon.png ->Media audio.


The Autop parameter is:

bluetooth.a2dp_sink = 2

Enables or disables the IP phone to receive Bluetooth media audio.
1-Enabled (default value), and you need to activate the Bluetooth media audio manually via phone user interface
2-Enabled, and the Bluetooth media audio is activated automatically after the Bluetooth-enable mobile phone is connected

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CP960 , CP930W-Base , CP920
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