MS Teams-How to Export Correct diagnostic files
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In order to increase the efficiency of troubleshooting, Yealink R&D need the diagnostic files from the device(s) to locate the root cause.


Situation 1: For the issues that are easy to reproduce.

       Please see the picture below and follow the steps:

1.     Login to web user interface of the device

On the device, go to Settings -> About to find the IP address of the device. Open your web browser, type in the IP address to go to the Web user interface. Sign in with the default username/password: admin/admin, as the shown below:

2.     Go to Settings -> Configuration, in the Syslog section, set the syslog level to 6 and click confirm.

3.     Scroll all the way down, in Export All Diagnostic Files, click Start -> reproduce the issue -> click Stop -> Export.
(for example: if the issue is the device doesn't ring for the incoming call; click Start -> place a call to the device, make sure the issue occurs -> click Stop -> Export)

Situation 2: Randomly happened issue

       If you are suffering from a randomly happened issue or need to do a long time test, phone memory will be not enough to record the complete information, please use the method below:

       Capture pcap with Wireshark:

1.     Yealink IP phone has a feature named Span to PC. Sign in to the web interface of the device, go to Network -> Advanced -> scroll down to the bottom of the page ->enable Span to PC Port -> click confirm.

2.     Connect PC port of Yealink phone to your PC and Internet port to network.

3.     On Wireshark, click Start, reproduce the issue on the phone. All the pcap will be recorded. Then hit Stop to stop the trace.

Capture syslog using syslog server (please do it at the same time with pcap):


1.     On syslog server (use 3CDaemon as an example): configure the syslog server and set up a directory to store the syslog file.


2.     On the web interface of the device, go to Settings -> Configuration, set the configuration as below and click confirm.

3.     Reproduce the issue on Yealink phone. All the messages will be recorded to syslog server. When you finish issue reproduction, click stop, and you can see the syslog in the directory that you set, as the figures shown below:


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