YMS2.1 Recording function sample use guide
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1.     How to set recording function in YMS 2.1?

2.     How to use recording function?

3.     Some recording FAQ


1.How to set recording function in YMS 2.1

1.1 if you YMS didn’t have recording function ,you can upgrade to the YMS2.1 latest version then you YMS can have recording function.

1.2 make sure your centos system the home path more than 50 GB. Because the home path need more than 50GB then the recording function can be use.


1.3  Import the recording license to active the recording function. contact our engineer help provide the recording trial license.


1.4 Add recording service in your YMS. The recording file will be save in this server.


1.5config your recording template

When you trun on the show recording icon then when we beginning recording the meeting interface will have one icon show now this meeting is being recording


1.6 Config which account can have recording function. config this account use what recording template.


1.7Config VMR recording file belong which recording account .and in this meeting room who have can do the recording moderator or moderator and Guests.



2.How to use recording function?

2.1 how to begin recording

2.1.1  in meeting control interface beginning the recording.


2.1.2 when our terminal register YMS account then in VCS terminal also can use remote control to begin recording.(V41 firmware support this)

2.2 How to manage the recording file

2.2.1 Where can check the recording file?

Log in to YMS admin account can check the recording file.


Log in to YMS user account can check the recording file

Example we log in 9003 to check belong 9003 recording file.


2.2.2 Recording file belong which account?

VMR recording file belong your config account.

Meeting now meeting recording file belong the meeting moderator(Belong to the sponsor of the meeting ).

2.2.3 Share ,Download and remark Recording file?


Share recording file , you also can create the password to limit who can check this file.


Click the to play recording file.



3.Some recording function FAQ

3.1 the recording file format?

MP4 format
3.2  Size of Recorded File?

If we record 1 hours1080P meeting will take up 1 GB storage.





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