The Advance Notice of Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) Roadmap
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Since the Yealink Meeting Server(YMS) 2.4 version is going to release in December 2019. 
Here, we are pleasure to forecast the YMS roadmap in the coming 2.4 version and the plan in 2020. 


1. Introduction
Firmware Version:
YMS: upgrades to 24.0.0.x
Applicable Models: YMS
Expected Release Date: Dec

2. New Features

  • Support Microsoft Teams gateway

  • Support RTSP gateway

  • Support Face recognition

  • Support VMR scheduling

  • Support web configurable video/audio codec

  • Support Yealink Telepresence CT3000

3. Optimization

  • YMS Federation management improvement to support 5 levels of MCUs cascaded.

  • Recording Server improvement, support screenshot and recording the meeting according to the same layout chosen in MCU. That means what the layout set in the meeting, the screen will be recorded, including content sharing. 

More Information

Note: The above information will always be updated according to the YMS upgrading. 

Product Type
Yealink Meeting Server
YMS 2.4 or above
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