YMS compatiblity with third party devices
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Yealink Meeting Server (YMS) is compatiable with most of the popular SIP/H.323 endpoints in the market. Yealink has tested the compatibility of  the following devices with YMS and all of them run properly. 

Poly Group 300, Group 500, HDX 7000
Cisco SX10, SX20
Lifesize Icon 600, Express 220
Huawei TE20, TE30, TE40


This FAQ illustrates the real scenario when using third party devices with YMS.

Register Third Party Devices
Third party devices can use either SIP or H.323 to register to YMS, all the users are displayed in a list as below.


The model name, IP, connecting protocol and status will be displayed if the admin presses the details button. With H.323 registration, the Aliases E.164 and H.323 ID are displayed as Name and Account.


In the conference control page, you can find the resolution, frame rate, video and audio codec, bandwidth and other call details.  Seamlessly working with multiple devices such as room systems, video phones and softwares, YMS brings you a better and easier video conferencing solution at any time from any location.

Invinting External Participants

The moderator can use the H.323 or SIP protocol to invite participants or other MCUs, he can also stream the conference to live streaming platform by RTMP so that users can watch the live broadcast of the conference on the live streaming platform.

Before you begin

• If you want to invite a RTMP user, make sure that you do not enable RTMP Live when scheduling video conferences or VMRs.

• If you want to invite a SfB user, make sure that your enterprise administrator has configured the Skype for Business server.


1. Go to the Conference Control page.

2. In the top-right corner, click Invite.

3. Click Invite Others.

4. Select the desired call protocol from the drop-down menu of Protocol, and do one of the following:

• If you select H.323, SIP or SfB (Lync), enter the address.

• If you select RTMP, enter the streaming address to stream the conference to the live streaming platform.

4. Select the bandwidth for the participant (the bandwidth cannot exceed the maximum bandwidth configured for the VMR)
5. Click Call.

More Information

If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact Yealink support team. Thanks.

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