[YMCS/YDMP] The Benefits of YMCS for Teams Phones
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As Microsoft’s platform has limited features to manage the phones, such as remote diagnostic, batch deployment, timer task.

If you use YMCS platform, it can work as the managing and troubleshooting tool.


Compare to Teams phone management platform, YMCS has more powerful features that could better support to manage the phones.


Remote Diagnostic

Sometimes customers will have concerns if you accessing to their network to do the trouble shooting. YMCS could do remote diagnostic without the requirement to get access to the customers’ network, which makes your work more efficiently to do the trouble shooting. Diagnostic feature supports screen capture, export trace files like configure bin file , pcap file and level 6 log file at the same time. You only need a one-click operation to get all the diagnostic files.


Batch Deployment

YMCS could do batch deployment in different groups, we have model/site/mac configuration, you can set up any group of configuration for phones as you wish, and it’s more convenient for you to manage them later on.


Timer Tasks:

On YMCS, you can do the timer task in a more user friendly way, we have a specific part for timer task, so that users can set their time task, including parameter/firmware updating, rebooting whenever they want.


Integrated with RPS:

YMCS has integrated with RPS, it’s a useful deploying tool that could easier help you do the mass deployment, also the phones on RPS could be easily sync to YMCS. If you need more information on how does the phone sync to YMCS, please refer to FAQ: ‘’[YMCS/YDMP] How to migrate RPS data to YMCS’’.

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