[YMCS/YDMP] The Differences Between YMCS Accounts
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Many users will feel puzzled on the difference of YMCS account when applying it. Here we have some introduction to differ those accounts in details.


Accounts for Reseller:


As for reseller account, you can create enterprise account for the user, also set up an order for them. The order includes available devices and duration time.

It has features including:

l  Enterprise Management

l  Channel Management

l  Platform Device

l  RPS Device

l  Enterprise Configuration

l  Channel Configuration

l  Executed Task

l  Alarm List

l  Enterprise Alarm Settings

l  System Management


Under ‘’Device Management‘’, you can help to configure the phones for the enterprise in your channel. Also you can view the alarm under ‘’Alarm Management’’ once the enterprise raises an alarm. you can also create a sub account for a specific enterprise account under System Management.


Accounts for Enterprise Users:


Enterprise account has more features on managing phones.


Device managing:

Device management

Account management

Order management


Device configuring

Device configuration

Site management


Device diagnostic:

Task management

Alarm management

Device diagnostic


Call quality report:

Dash broad


System managing:

RPS management

System management


An enterprise account includes basic packet and advanced packet. They both have free trial for 3 years under 1000 devices.


*We can’t use the same email address to register YMCS enterprise account and RPS  enterprise account, otherwise it will cause a conflict.

If you use the same email address for the channel account and enterprise account, the system will differ these two account by the different password you’ve put in.



For basic packet

Basic packet includes including Device List, Firmware and Resource Management, Account Management, Order Management, Configuration, Site Management, Timer Task, Running State (Dashboard), Operation Log, Sub-account.


For advanced packets

Advanced packets include basic package + Alarm Management, Call Statistics and remote Diagnostic.


for more detail, please see below datasheet.


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Device Management Platform , Management Cloud Service
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