[YMCS/YDMP] The Meaning of Different Device Status
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If the phone has been added to YMCS, it will show its status under Device Status. In this FAQ, we will introduce the meaning of different status correspondingly.


Device status has 4 kinds of status including registered, unregistered, offline, invalid.


It shows if the device has been successfully connected to YMCS.


If the status shows registered, that means the phone has connected to YMCS successfully, it is online with an account registered.


If the status shows unregistered, that means the phone has connected to YMCS successfully without account registered in.


If the status shows offline, it means the phone doesn’t connect to YMCS successfully. If the device shows offline, we will not able to manage it on YMCS.


If the status shows invalid, it means the server license expires, or the number of the device connected to the platform exceeds the number allowed in the license, please create a ticket at https://ticket.yealink.com/ if you meet this issue.

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