[YMCS/YDMP] YMCS Supported Devices List
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Not all phones with all firmware support YMCS, so here we will introduce in detailed with the YMCS supported devices list.


Supported devices and relate version


Device Types

Supported Device Models

Version Requirements

SIP IP Phones



XX.83.0.30 or later (Except for
XX.84.0.10).   XX represents the
fixed number for each device model.

SIP-T56A/T58 or later.


XX.83.0.30   or later
(XX.84.0.10   is not supported
and XX.84.0.70 or later versions
are not supported anymore).
XX   represents the fixed number
for each device model

SIP-CP960 or later.

SIP-CP920 or later

SIP-T53/T53W or later

SIP-T54W or later

SIP-T57W or later.

W60B or later

VP59 or later.

Skype  for business HD
IP phones

T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S or later (except for

T58/T56A/T55A or later.

CP960 or later

Teams phones

(It  is not available for
managing the accounts
and viewing the call quality)

CP960 or later

T56A/T58 or later.

T55A or later

VP59 or later

Video  Conferencing System


XX.32.10.25/XX.32.0.25 or later.
X represents the fixed number
for each device model.


1345.32.10.40 or later


91.332.0.10 or later

Zoom   phones

CP960 or later

Room   System

MVC500/MVC800 or later


Product Type
Device Management Platform , Management Cloud Service
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