[YMCS/YDMP] How to Migrate RPS Data to YMCS?
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In the latest version of YMCS, RPS has been integrated into YMCS as a functional model.

For customers who already added phones to RPS, they can easily migrate RPS data to YMCS through the method of associating RPS account with YMCS account.


Firstly, login YMCS account, and Choose RPS Management-> RPS setting


Secondly, Check the status of “RPS account binding” as “Unbound” and click binding, then fill in the Username and Password of your RPS account.


The data of RPS will be migrated to YMCS in the page of “RPS Device list” after successful binding.

At last, please choose the phone you want in the list, and then make the Sync:
1)     You can just select the exact device or devices and click sync button.

image.png2)     You can also choose to sync the devices by time, just click the “Device Sync” button and then select the time period.

image.pngPlease contact with Yealink support team directly at https://ticket.yealink.com/ if the data is still missing in the catalog of “RPS Device List” when the status shows as “bound” which means the RPS account is associated.


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