[YMCS/YDMP] How to Active the License on YDMP
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After you install the YDMP successfully, you need to activate it with a license and this FAQ shows how to active the license on YDMP easier.


Activating license is necessary before using the YDMP. And before that, device certificate is required and then you can activate the license.


Steps 1:
1.     Please obtain the device certificate from your service provider by submitting:

The company name

The distributor name

The country.


2. Follow the instructions in the picture below to upload the certificate



Step2: Activating the License

 1.     You need purchase the corresponding service and obtain the authorization for the device management.
2.     If the server can access the public network, you can activate the license online. Otherwise, you can activate the license offline.


Just import the device certificate will activate YDMP automatically.


Export the .req file and send to Yealink to get the .lic file to finally activate YDMP.

Product Type
Device Management Platform , Management Cloud Service
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