[YMCS/YDMP] Security Questions about YMCS
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This FAQ will introduce some information regarding the security including the YMCS host base and what information will be stored.


Where do YMCS store the information?

For the question where the information YMCS stored, since YMCS is based on AWS hosted in America, the database is stored there.


What information does YMCS stored?

Phone firmware version and phone model, which channel it belongs to, and the IP address.


Who would have administration rights for the system?

We have a stuff responsible to create account and help to send the password reset email. There are no administration management rights.


How are administration rights managed, does Yealink retain some management capability to change access rights and capabilities?

Only users have the administration rights to manage your account as they are the only person who know the password.

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Device Management Platform , Management Cloud Service
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