[YMCS/YDMP] Requirements and Common Errors of YDMP Installation
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This FAQ introduce the requirements and several common errors of YDMP installation, including:
1.     Apps need to be installed.
2.     Hardware requirement
3.     Errors when installing YDMP
4.     How to export Log files


1. Apps need to be installed.

Before you start, please installed Xshell 5 and Xftp 5 to login Linux system and manage it, as shown in below screenshot.


2. Hardware & Software requirement

The requirements of the hardware and software are different based on different server requirements. The version number of Linux operating system is CentOS 7.5.

The detailed requirements are as below:


Port requirement:

you need to open five ports: 443, 9989, 8446, 9090, and 80. We do not recommend that you modify these ports.


Browser requirement:

YDMP supports the following browsers



3. Errors when installing YDMP

3.1 “error is not recoverable: exiting now”



Binary file can’t be uploaded in the ASCII mode.



When using “rz” command to upload the file from windows, please note that do not select ‘’upload files in ASCII mode’’


3.2 If the installation failed, the page will be shown below:


For this kind of situation, we need the log files to find out the reason of the issue. Please export them and create a ticket at https://ticket.yealink.com/


4. How to export Log files


4.1 Export files via phone web page.

A/ Set the syslog level as 6 under Settings->Configuration->Local Log -> Local Log Level

B/ Reboot the phone. Because the phone will get connected to YDMP once it is booting up, export the log after 15 seconds.

C/ Export Configuration file under Settings-> Configuration-> CFG Configuration-> select ‘’ All Settings’’ under ‘’Export CFG Configuration File’’ -> Click ‘’Export’’


4.2 Export the server side log:

Please export the logs at below YMDP installation path in your Linux system:

① /var/log/yealink/dmweb

② /var/log/yealink/microdm

③ /var/log/yealink/microtcpSSS

④ /var/log/yealink/nginx

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