[YMCS/YDMP] Teams phone showing unregistered in YMCS
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Many customers add their Teams phone to YMCS, but the phones only show unregistered even through the phone log in successfully.


This is a known issue that Microsoft doesn’t open the account status API to Yealink which cause the phone showing unregistered, but the phone had been connected to YMCS successfully and except the account status, the phones are working fine with YMCS to do remote control and push configuration  .etc. So customers can continue to add more phones to YMCS.


The account status issue has been solved at the newest firmware released at the Q2 of 2020. you can download the newest firmware from below link , just select "Microsoft Teams Video and Audio Phone" and click the corresponding model you have.


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Note :
If you enabled the Hybrid Mode of Teams phone and it is set by design that YMCS can only show the account status of Teams account .

For example , if you use Hybrid Model and the SIP account is from 3CX PBX , it will not show registered in YMCS when you use 3CX account, but if you switch to Teams account, it will show registered.

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