MS-How to Upgrade Yealink Teams Firmware
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This guide describes the procedure of updating Yealink T55A/T56A/T58A/CP960/VP59/MP56 phone’s Teams version


It is a necessary to to upgrade the devices to the latest version to avoid old version firmware issues.


You can upgrade the version from website.

Take T58A for a sample:

1.       Please choose the Teams phone which you want to upgrade from Yealink Support website > Microsoft Teams Video and Audio Phone.


2.       Please download the latest fireware rom. It can check by the version release note from the list.


3.       You can find the IP address on the phone by clicking  > Settings > Device Settings > About > IPv4. Please type it into web browser using PC connected to the same network as the phone does. Log in the admin account in the web client.

Username: admin

Password: admin


Tips: If the default password has been changed and forgot

T55A/T56A/T58A/VP59: You can try to reset the device to factory settings by long pressing the pound key (#) and the star key ( * ) for about 6 seconds when the phone is idle.

CP960: Please reset the device by pressing and holding two Mute Indicator LED for a while, and click “yes”



4.       After entering the web client, please navigate to Settings > Upgrade, and you can upload the MS Teams firmware downloaded.


5.       When you click Upload, a Message Question will pop-up, click OK.

(Note: During the upgrade, do not power off the device, close or refresh the browser)


If you need to upgrade from SIP edition or SfB edition to Teams edition, please refer to:

More Information

Sometimes we cannot direct upgrade from a low version to the latest version, it need to upgrade to middle version at first, and then go to the latest one.

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