MS-Enable Hybrid Mode on Teams Phone
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Teams phone support hybrid mode: survivability app mode and teams app mode. This feature is suitable for the scenario of disconnection with the local MS server. Also, it can be applied to customers who migrate between SIP solutions and Teams solutions. During the transition period, there will be both SIP account users and Teams account users within the enterprise, and we support these two groups to communicate with each other in their groups.

This article guides you to enable hybrid mode on Teams phone.


1.         Obtain the web client URL of your device by clicking > Settings > Device Settings > About.


2.         Access the web client using PC connected to the same network as the phone and log in.(Default account: admin password:admin)

3.         Click Settings > Configuration, choose All Settings and Export.


4.         Open the exported file with a notepad, add a line:

features.hybrid_mode.enable = 1    


(0 stands for disabling and 1 stands for enabling.)

5.         Save the file. Browse it in the Import CFG Configuration File and import it.


6.         This configuration will take effect after a reboot.

7.         Click  > Settings > Device Settings > Hybrid Mode to Access Survivability App or configure the Quick ball for easy access.


More Information

 Visit > Microsoft Teams Video and Audio Phone > choose a specific one > choose the latest user guide > Hybrid Mode to learn more about hybrid mode feature.
Note: VP59 does not support hybrid mode at present.
T5X: or higher
CP960: or higher
MP56: or higher
VP59: or higher

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VP59 Teams Video Phone , MP56 Teams Audio Phone , CP960 Teams Audio Phone , T58A Teams Audio Phone , T56A Teams Audio Phone , T55A Teams Audio Phone
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