Whether VCH50 and VCH51 are the necessary accessories for VC800
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When customers choose to buy VC800, they often ask whether VCH50 and VCH51 are necessary accessories.


Whether to choose to purchase VCH50 and VCH51 depends on the customer's own needs. If the customer wants to share the content in a wired manner, then the customer can choose to purchase the VCH50 or VCH51. If the customer wants to share the auxiliary stream in a wireless way, then they can choose not to purchase VCH50 and VCH51, but choose to use Yealink WPP20 to share the content wirelessly. Following picture shows the VC800 package without VCH50 or VCH51:

VC800 Datasheet: Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System Datasheet

Product Type
V43 or above
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