MS-How to Configure Call Queue
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This guide shows you how to use Microsoft Teams admin center ( to configure call queue.


Call queues are used to in virtual lines where callers wait to speak to an agent.

You can add/edit/delete call queues by clicking Voice > Call Queues in Teams admin center(sign in to the admin account).


All call queues are required to have a resource account. Resource accounts aren't required to have a phone number.


Calls are routed first to individual agents, then to the agents in groups.

There are four routing methods:

Attendant routing Ring all call agents at the same time.

Serial routing Ring all call agents one by one.

Longest idle Routes the next available call to the call agent who has been idle the longest time.

Round robin Each call agent gets the same number of calls from the queue.

Presence-based - When turned on, opted-in agents will receive calls only when their presence state is Available.


Agent can opt out of getting calls - If you turn this off and a call agent gets a call, they must answer it.

When call overflow or call time out, you can redirect the call to:

l  Person in organization The account you choose must have a Phone System license enabled for Enterprise Voice or have an assigned Calling Plan in Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

l  Voice app Select an auto attendant or call queue that has already been set up.

l  Voicemail Voicemail messages are sent to the Microsoft 365 group you specified.

l  External phone number transfers the caller to an external phone number that you specify.


More Information

Microsoft and Yealink are frequently updating how you can manage features, so the steps here might be a little different from what you see.
For detailed information on Microsoft documentation website:
Manage resource accounts in Microsoft Teams
Create a Cloud call queue

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