[YDMP] YDMP supported Device List
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Here we will introduce all YDMP supported device.


Supported models and related version:

Device Types

Supported Device Models

Version Requirements

SIP IP Phones

SIP-T27P/T27G/T29G/T41P/T41S/T42G/   T42S/T46G/T46S/T48G/T48S/T52S/T54S

XX.83.0.30 or   later (Except for 
  XX.84.0.10).   XX represents the
  fixed number for each device model.

SIP-T56A/T58 or later.



XX.83.0.30     or later
  (XX.84.0.10   is not supported 
  and XX.84.0.70 or later versions 
  are not supported anymore).
  XX   represents the fixed number
  for each device model

SIP-CP960 or later.

SIP-CP920 or later


xx.84.0.10 or later

SIP-T57W or later.

VP59 or later.

SIP-T42U/T43U/T46U/T48U or later

T33P/T33G or later

Skype  for   business HD
  IP phones

T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S or   later (except for

T58/T56A/T55A or later.

CP960 or later

MP56 or later

Teams phones

(It  is not   available for
  managing the accounts 
  and viewing the call quality)

CP960 or later

T56A/T58 or later.

T55A or later

VP59 or later

MP56 or later

UVC210 or later

Video    Conferencing System


XX.32.10.25/XX.32.0.25   or later. 
  X represents the fixed number 
  for each device model.


1345.32.10.40 or later


91.332.0.10 or later

PVT940/PVT960 or later

Zoom   phones

CP960 or later

Room   System

MVC500/MVC800/MVC300/CP960-UVC Zoom   Rooms Kit/VP59 Zoom Roooms Kit

xx.11.0.10 or later

MVC400 or later


Product Type
Device Management Platform
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